How to Block DHT and Baldness without Finasteride?

Boldness and high testosterone levels Tend to look better than boldness with Low testosterone levels What is the best way to manage High DHT From transcrotal cream to protect my Head on my head I'm only mid-20s and Don't want to lose my hair he says I Really want to avoid injections I've Never been a fan of needles what about Alternate application sites like biceps Or forearms I think less DHT is produced This way is that corrective Okay so in this situation my friends You're not going to be able to have your Cake and eat it too you're going to have To pick uh pick some picks and things Here so if you're not a fan of Injections but you're also not wanting To lose your hair I mean it's like You're going to have to pick the Lesser Evil so firstly If there was a and this is this is my Opinion and I'm sure people online will Disagree with me and that's cool but Listen to them but I am not a fan of of any of the DHT Inhibitors Um I do not currently think that there Is a safe and effective hair loss Protocol Um if there was I probably wouldn't be Bored so I would recommend scalp Micropigmentation that's what I had done Um so I am not a fan of even topical

Dutasteride because I treat the guys who Got PFS from that and I wouldn't wish That on my worst enemy so while it may Be Russian Roulette and there may not be Very many bullets in the barrel if you Get hit by one of those bullets I can Assure you would absolutely Sucks and it is not worth in my opinion Risking having that happen to you for The sake of your Aesthetics in terms of Keeping your hair there are other ways That you can increase increase your Physical attraction Um with while still being bought I would I would like to think I mean you're Talking to two bald men here so Um when it comes to picking your Protocol It would seem that the topical Testosterone application will increase DHT more than injections regardless of Where you apply it the issue if you're Going to apply it on let's say your Bicep or inner elbow or like back of the Knee wherever people are applying this Is that you're going to get not just Less DHT but less testosterone in the Body as well so you're going to get less Of what you're trying to achieve and you May not be able to get the perfect Outcome that you are looking for so if You are prone to male pattern baldness I You have the male pattern baldness genes It is going to be an uphill battle to

Keep your hair now you may be able to Use a combination of let's say topical Dutasteride Ketoconazole shampoo and Maybe some tropical minoxidil Um and that that will absolutely work to Keep it at Bay but then you're going to Not only run into the side effects of Potentially developing something like BFS which not really doesn't happen but You can read the the class action that Was filed against the manufacturers Which they lost because they were aware Of the permanent side effects in the Clinical trials Um you're also going to be massively Reducing the most androgenic hormone in The body which is DHT and DHT has Profound physiological and psychological Benefits which I talk about in my war And masculinity video now topical Dutasteride May reduce it significantly Less than you know oral finasteride or Oral dutasteride but in my personal Opinion you you actually want to be Increasing DHT as much as possible to be Getting the benefits of it so probably Asking the wrong person on this and I'm Sure there are other YouTube channels Which will give you advice on how to you Know use a combination of these Treatments to keep your hair and give You the answer that you want to hear but In this scenario firstly I don't think Anyone is a fan of injections when

They're not using needles regularly I Think it's very normal to have Apprehension towards stabbing yourself With a needle if you don't do it Regularly I always tell guys what the First 10 20 30 injections are going to Feel weird and psychologically Uncomfortable because you have to Overcome the mental barrier of your Survival Instinct saying don't stab me And you're going no this is good for you Once you do it regularly and you realize It's a tiny little needle and it's a Very small pin prick it's not really Something that acts as a deterrent so You might find that if you start doing Your injections after 10 or 20 Injections with like a 29 gauge insulin Syringe you go this is actually pretty Chill I'm not really going to have an Issue with this Um but you're applying the cream to Other areas of the body and then trying To use something to also suppress your DHT you're going to end up running Around in circles and chasing your tail And probably not getting the benefits That you're looking for so I was Devastated when I lost my hair Um I was in a band when I was younger I Had you know long hair that I used to You know die and Shake around on stage And stuff I was very attached to my hair I was very upset the day that I went to

The barber and I said is it time and he Looked at it and he said yeah it's time To get rid of it I was only 24 25 Um but I basically put on some extra Muscle on my shoulders and androgenized My facial features with testosterone and I think I sued it pretty well I like to Think so Um and I think what happens again this Is just my personal opinion is that Boldness and high testosterone levels Tend to look better than boldness with Low testosterone levels I think the Androgenized physical features Make you suit boldness better if you Think of like I don't know attractive Male celebrities who are bald they are All men with muscular physiques and and You know a high testosterone presence or Physicality so I would be saying well if You haven't started trt and you're Worried you're going to look bad bald You might find that you suit it a bit More once your body you know Androgenizes as a response to your Treatment consider becoming a channel Member for exclusive features like Loyalty badges Early Access to new Videos funny stuff like rough cuts and Bloopers members only photos and status Updates on the community Tab and members Only live stream chat on desktop use the Join button next to the subscribe on Mobile use the join Link in the


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