How to Lose Weight If You Have a Slow Metabolism

What's up everyone welcome to today's video for 
those of you who don't know me I'm Ben Richardson   I'm a personal trainer a certified nutrition coach 
and a chemical engineer and in today's video I'm   Going to talk about how to lose weight if you 
have a slow metabolism if this is your first   Time here again my name is Ben Richardson most of 
my content is centered around helping men boost   Their testosterone levels naturally through things 
like Fitness Nutrition and lifestyle decisions   That they make this is a slightly broader topic so 
even if you're not a dude looking to improve his   Testosterone Health you're still going to benefit 
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I do Post content like that every single week so   I've never had an inherently Fast Metabolism 
we all know people who just seemingly can eat   Whatever they want to and however much they 
want and they don't gain a single pound while   Doing it but then we turn around and we Splurge 
just a little bit it and it's like we gained 20   Pounds just from doing that I mean I've definitely 
been in that ladder group but I've still managed   To lose some weight and keep it off so let me 
give all of you some tips on how to do just this   The first thing that you gotta understand is 
that your metabolism is subject to change your   Metabolic rate absolutely can change if you adopt 
better healthier habits and get rid of lousy ones   You are not cursed to live with a slow metabolism 
forever you just have to go through the proper   Steps to make it run more efficiently so before 
I talk about some of those action steps just take   Hope in knowing that you can boost your metabolism 
because it can be sped up even if it's been slow   As molasses for pretty much your whole life okay 
so the first thing that you can do to lose weight   If you have a slow metabolism is to lift weights 
in the gym muscle mass is way more metabolically   Efficient compared to body fat so lifting weights 
and building some lean muscle mass that's really   Going to help improve your body composition now 
when you set out to lose weight you want to make   Sure that all of the weight that's coming off 
is body fat and not muscle mass now I didn't   Necessarily understand that for a good chunk of 
my life but this is also how you get toned too   You're not going to build a great looking body if 
you just become a smaller version of yourself by   Just losing weight you want to lower the amount of 
body fat that you carry and you also want to build   Or at a very minimum maintain the lean muscle 
mass that you do have that's what it takes to   Reveal a truly toned and aesthetic body and let's 
be honest that's what we all want here I mean not   Only is that what we want understand that that's 
healthy too again muscle mass is metabolically   Favorable and body fat is not so building lean 
muscle mass and losing body fat that is going to   Improve your metabolic rate and you're just going 
to look better too I mean talk about a win-win   Okay so I got off track from the lifting weights 
thing a little bit but all that's good stuff for   You to know going forward now with lifting 
weights I do recommend starting off lifting   Weights just twice per week on non-consecutive 
days especially if you're starting from complete  

Scratch go get a gym membership somewhere Planet 
Fitness costs like ten dollars a month or you know   Whatever gym that you want to start going to and 
by non-consecutive days I mean don't work out on   Back to back days give your body at least one full 
day between your workouts to rest and recharge you   Absolutely have no excuse not to do this anyone 
can make two or three hours in their week to go   Lift weights and prioritizing rest and Recovery 
days like this that's just gonna make it easier   To stay consistent because you don't have to do 
it every single day who the hell actually wants   To go to the gym every single day that's why 
people fail so miserably at their New Year's   Resolutions when they swear to themselves that 
they're finally going to get in shape they're   Gonna hit the gym every single day but they only 
do that for like two weeks because going to the   Gym every day sucks and they're just back to 
square one so avoid this mistake take and start   Off by just going twice per week if you need 
a workout template check out the description   For a simple workout routine that's just going 
to help you get you started so that's your game   Plan here go get a gym membership somewhere start 
lifting weights twice per week don't lift weights   On back-to-back days and use that workout template 
in the description if you need an example workout   You can't use the excuse that you don't know what 
to do now but if you need some additional guidance   On lifting weights you could probably benefit from 
some coaching so if you're not clear on what to do   Or you maybe need some accountability to actually 
do it leave a comment below and I'll get in touch   With you and I'll set up a call with you to talk 
about my coaching program alright so another thing   You have to do to lose weight if you have a slow 
metabolism is to eat properly losing weight comes   Down to eating fewer calories than your body 
needs and no one is an exception to this it is   A universal law of thermodynamics so even if you 
have a slow metabolism this still 100 applies to   You now the secret to doing this is to eat less 
food than your body needs but you still have to   Eat enough food so there are 3 500 calories and 
one pound of stored body fat at least that's   That's how much you need to burn off to get rid of 
a pound of body fat and with that information you   Could easily say okay great Ben I'm just going to 
eat like 1200 calories per day so that I can lose   Weight really fast and reach my goal in like a 
month probably the only people that that actually   Works for is like Hollywood movie stars who are 
being paid millions of dollars just to get in   Shape for movie roles I mean if I was told that I 
was going to be paid a million bucks to start in   A movie and all I had to do was get shredded I'd 
find a way to go do it but we don't all have that   Luxurious incentive to lose weight besides taking 
things slow is much better and much healthier this   Is especially true if you have a lot of weight 
to lose because you don't really want to run into   Issues like loose skin or stretch marks if you 
lose weight slowly it'll give your body and your   Skin more time to adapt to you becoming literally 
just smaller so the most generic recommendation   That works pretty well is to figure out what 
your maintenance calories are by using some  

Kind of Maintenance calorie calculator online if 
you just do a quick Google search for one It'll   Ask you for things like your age your weight your 
height your gender probably your typical activity   Level and then it'll spit out your maintenance 
calories that's how many calories you need just   To maintain your body weight so once you have that 
number what you want to do is subtract five or   Seven hundred calories from that number and eat 
that many calories every single day now I know   This sucks when you first start out but believe 
me when I say this getting a better understand   Standing of how many calories are in the foods 
that you eat is the bulletproof way to master   Control over your weight for the rest of your life 
if you do not put in the work to educate yourself   In this area you will have a very difficult time 
successfully managing your weight so put in the   Work it will get easier the more often that you do 
it just like anything else in life you know it's   Like with driving when you first started driving 
it wasn't exactly easy but as you started to do it   Every single day throughout the years it becomes 
second nature same with logging and tracking your   Calories so do yourself a favor and take the time 
to learn how many calories are in most of the   Foods that you like to eat okay so let's stop here 
for a second because you might be thinking at this   Point that this is a lot of information to take 
in at once and maybe you don't really know what   To do or where to start after hearing all that and 
I'd agree it is a lot of information I'm sharing   A lot of tips with you on how to lose weight if 
you have a slow metabolism but I never necessarily   Said it was going to be super easy or that you 
weren't going to have to work hard to do it so   Let me tell you how to take things one step at a 
time here so right now before we go any further   Pause the video real quick and go figure out your 
calorie deficit get your maintenance calories with   That online maintenance calorie calculator I 
talked about again do a quick Google search to   Find one and once you have that number subtract 
five to seven hundred calories from it and by the   Way I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot here 
by telling you to do this because YouTube doesn't   Really like when people click out of videos while 
they're watching it or at least in the middle of a   Video but I care a lot more about helping you than 
optimizing My Views or my watch time or whatever   So go ahead and pause the video do this step 
right now and I will be here when you get back And there you go now you have your calorie 
deficit when you take things one step at a   Time it's really not that scary or overwhelming 
but there you have it that is how you lose weight   If you have a slow metabolism maybe this advice 
seemed simple but let me tell you something there   Is so much bad nutrition advice out there and 
all the bad nutrition advice is some form of a   Super complicated Advanced tactic or strategy like 
cutting out certain foods or eating superfoods or   Following some kind of insane fasting protocol or 
carbohydrate cycling routine it is all centered   Around complexity and the key to succeeding in 
this area is to keep things simple if I have   Learned anything from being a chemical engineer 
throughout the years it's that there is Art in  

Simplifying things engineers are good at making 
things more complex but it's easy to make things   Really complex it's actually very difficult to 
simplify things so that everyone understands it   So start lifting weights and nail your nutrition 
one other factor I would really encourage you to   Get a grip on is your sleep so if you want to 
learn more about that check out this video I   Made once you're done I talk about habits that you 
should get into and get out of to optimize your   Sleep as well as some foods that you can eat that 
are also going to help you sleep better so I hope   To see you over there but anyways that's all for 
this video if you liked it go ahead and give it a   Thumbs up and again if you're new here and you've 
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in losing weight and getting that metabolism   Ramped up thanks for watching everyone take 
care and I'll see you in the next video

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