How To Optimize Your Hormones

What other hormones are you looking to Optimize once testosterone has been Optimized what is the second thing You're looking at What we do here in our clinic in in Echoline in Brussels is we treat all the Hormone deficiencies from the beginning Okay we might work in stages so we don't Try first testosterone we try if we do One treatment first is thyroid treatment The thyroid deficiency but both thyroid And testosterone are two treatments that Stimulate the whole endocrine system are Almost the whole so basically when you When you get testosterone you have more Gratimal you have more tea tree the Active thyroid hormone and you may have Also more cortisol and DHA and so when We start is I would say is thyroid and Sex hormones that's really the basic so In females it would be female hormones This Is A procession and testosterone we Also give testosterone to women at a Lower dose but it's very very efficient Men like to have a woman they're proud Of and when we give injections once a Month of testosterone you can know that That man is going to be very proud of His wife he's going to have a very Dominant woman but very brilliant and so Basically it was a lot of libido so Basically that worked well so first Thyroid and uh section if there's of Course direct deficiency and sex hormone

Deficiency we are doing it very Regardless we're not giving to everybody The same treat and then we also look at The adrenal hormones not only DHEA but Also cortisol because we're not afraid Of getting cortisol if you don't have Cortisol we both are dead tomorrow so if We have too little we suffer you suffer Much more if you're lower cordial you're Burned out you're tired you cannot Resist to stress so we also give Cortisol in physiological dose that Means acceptable doses that are safe and Then we give with DHEA we never give Cortisol without THC because it is a Protector hormone And we can give also Um Alderson under a synthetic form Because that's what we have Indulgence Feudal Cortisone and we also can give Them melatonin at night so these are Basic treatments in a second stage our Third stage we can give grotomon I I Have I give consultation of two hours And I give all the hormones from the Beginning because that's those High VIP Patients who come they really want to Have the best and Um the growth amount will make a big big Difference If you're better with the Starship Groton will go on a higher level it will Rejuvenate you more you will have less Fat more muscle typically the people who

Are low in in uh grow to moon are have Bowed back are anxious uh I'm tired all The time exhausted and when you give the Hormones they are like this they feel Fresh they breathe well they're more Relaxed and they're much more Intelligent can do multitasking and Studies have shown that the great one Can reverse atherosclosis we always Think nothing can reverse it does and uh So it's really very interesting to see What all these hormones do in and the Race sex are really important we also Give hormones like vasopressin like that You don't need Botox huh you know you're You're a dermatologist but it is Oppressive decimal present all the Little falls on the skin disappear and The wrinkles they are much less deep Because there's water tension in the Skin Oxytocin when you give oxytocin to your Patient he falls in love with you Because that's the hormone of romantic Love And and you have much better Relationships but before With the person who's low in oxytocin I Was a person knowing Exodus and I take Now uh was cold you know like an Autistic person and withdrawn serious All the time Life is too beautiful to live a serious Life so take up citos

Right So if you change if you give all those Hormones Um at the same time you start them all Up and something is changing how do you Know what what causes the changes and if There's something wrong a side effect How do you know what's causing it You're pointing on one thing important Is don't do too much at the beginning if You don't know too much about it but the Thing is that every hormone deficiency Or hormone excess is different so you Can know if you have several symptoms in One Direction if it's too low or too Much oxytocin too low or too much Testosterone to lower too much Progesterone or whatever other hormone So the physician needs to have a very Good knowledge of the complaints and Physical science a person has when the Hormone is too low too high and we have Questionnaires at a consultation that Very easily gives us an idea of what is Happening and when we correct what is That imbalance it really works often Wonder wonderful so it's not so Difficult and it's much safer and more Efficient to correct all the most Important hormone deficiency first Otherwise there's an imbalance if you Get thyroid hormones to a woman in the Past menopause whose female hormone Deficient she will get more osteoporosis

But if you get the female almost there's No more osteopors so it's better to give A balanced treatment and just not say I'm just giving one at a time it's not Always the best option then patient Companies not happy it's the balance get Heartbeats and things like that Consider becoming a channel member for Exclusive features like loyalty badges Early Access to new videos funny stuff Like rough cuts and bloopers members Only photos and status updates on the Community Tab and members only live Stream chat on desktop use the join Button next to the subscribe on mobile Use the join Link in the description

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